Red Tandem Charger

Daily $25Weekly $75

The Red Charger is a sequential V-Mount charger designed for the Red Brick. It can hold two batteries at a time, though it charges them sequentially (fills one first, then the other). It also has the 6-pin, 12v LEMO power connector to power the camera from AC.

There are three lights next to each port on the charger that indicate its current status. When the camera is connected to the charger, it takes precedence over the battery charging. If the camera is switched off while it is still attached, the charger will automatically switch back to providing power to the batteries for charging. This is all handled automatically - there is no need to remove batteries or flip switches to change what the charger is doing. Charging a Red Brick takes a little over two hours.

The Red Charger, like the Red Brick, is surprisingly lightweight. It has a small stand on the bottom that keeps the charger standing upright. The stand can swing 90deg to hide beneath the charger, lowering the chargers profile for travel. The Red Charger includes the charger itself, an AC power cord and a 10-foot 6-pin LEMO cable to power the camera.