Entaniya 200° Fisheye

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    • Focal Length:  3.65mm
    • Field of View (4/3"):  200° (h:200°/v:200°)  
    • F number:  f=3.65mm F/4, F5.6 / F8 (interchangeable parts)
    • Image Size: 180°=φ11mm, 200°=φ12mm
    • Mount Types:  E / MFT
    • Manual focus Lens
  • Entaniya Fisheye HAL200 lens is the highest quality fisheye lens ever in the world. This lens has been designed and invented by Entaniya. The lens has a 200-degree angle of view but has few aberrations and a very little fringe so it can provide an unbelievably sharp quality even if compared to other fisheye lenses. Entaniya Fisheye HAL consists of three parts: a front lens, a back lens and a mount adapter. All the parts can be exchanged depending on the purpose of the lens.