Radiant Images Builds 360-degree for Red Hot Chili Peppers

Radiant Images Builds 360-degree, Quad Camera Rig with RED Epics for New Interactive Music Video with Red Hot Chili Peppers


Just about everything connected with the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ new interactive music video for “Look Around” is cool – including the 360-degree quad camera rig designed by Radiant Images for the production.

The rig allowed skilled DP Alejandro Lalinde to shoot band members in adjoining rooms and create the head spinning 360-degree motion affect. The video is directed by well-known Director Robert Hales.

Radiant built the rig using four RED Epics lensed with Duclos Tokina 11-16 wide-angle zooms and outfitted with lightweight ARRI LMB 5/15 matte boxes. The rig rode atop a robust Panther Classic dolly over a custom mounting plate.

Placed in the center of four open-faced rooms, the special camera rig filmed the Red Hot Chili Peppers members concurrently as they rocked out. The sometimes overlapping footage was then stitched together and given a rotational effect. Each room is unique to each personality with lots of personal touches, including friends, family members and decorations. For a closer look at the setup, click here for a behind-the-scenes video.

With the interactive version, viewers are able to zoom in and out and scan back and forth between rooms as the music plays to see each musician perform in their own space.

Look around the video below:

Video Credits: Paul Laurens, Producer; HELLO!, Production Company; Doobie White of Therapy Studios, Editor; Marcus Lutyens, Production Designer; Kerri Kleiner, Executive Producer; Dave Thomas, 1st AC; Phil Sperry of Grip This, Key Grip; and Steve Francis from Electro Lighting, Gaffer.