Phantom Flex 4K Joins Radiant Images’ Strong Lineup of High-Speed Cameras

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LA-based digital cinema innovator one of select rental houses offering highly-anticipated new Phantom Flex 4K to filmmakers Phantom Flex4K high speed digital cinema camera now available to filmmakers at Radiant Images

The new Phantom Flex 4K cinema camera is cranking high-speed image capture up a notch.

Capable of shooting 1000 fps at full 4K resolution, the versatile Phantom Flex 4K also offers uncompressed RAW recording, a user-friendly camera control interface and spectacular high-definition image quality through a wide range of frame rates.

Versatile Phantom Flex4K high-speed digital cinema camera now available at Radiant Images.

The powerful full-featured digital camera, designed with the cinematographer in mind, is now available at Radiant Images, an industry leading LA-based rental house and digital cinema innovator.

The Phantom Flex 4K bolsters Radiant’s already strong, varied lineup of high-speed cameras. A range of high-speed options are available, including the IDT N5 and Phantom Miro, which are both ideal for tight spaces.

“The Phantom Flex 4K is an amazing piece of technology that we’re pleased to have available for filmmakers,” said Michael Mansouri, VP at Radiant Images. “It was designed as a full production camera and that’s exactly what it offers. Cinematographers are going to love the versatility and smarts of this camera.”

The Phantom Flex 4K is the creation of Vision Research, a leading manufacturer of digital high-speed imaging systems and well-known for its family of Phantom devices. The Flex 4K is taking the capture of staggering slow-motion footage to a whole new level.

Versatile Phantom Flex4K high-speed digital cinema camera now available at Radiant Images.

For high-speed capture, it’s possible to record up to 1,000 frames-per-second (fps) at 4K resolution of 4096 x 2160, up to 2,000 fps when windowed down to 2048 x 1080, up to 2,000 fps when windowed down to 1920 x 1080, and over 3,000 fps at 1280 x 720. But the Phantom Flex 4K also offers high-quality performance at standard frame rates, part of the effort to combine features found in the latest cinema cameras with those found only in specialty cameras.

Capture the full 4K super 35mm sensor and then save those files at full resolution, or choose to save them at 2K resolution for a rich, over-sampled image. Sync-sound frame rates and time code is fully supported.

With the planned option to record either uncompressed RAW or with industry-standard compression, the workflow will be just as flexible as the camera’s frame rate. The latest in non-volatile storage technology is used to move data quickly.

Versatile Phantom Flex4K high-speed digital cinema camera now available at Radiant Images.

Another notable feature of the camera system is the new on-camera control interface. All capture, playback and save parameters will be set from the built in menu on the right side of the camera body, no separate software connection is necessary. Shortcuts are available for popular functions and multiple user presets exist to allow for a quick setup. Monitoring, playback and save controls will be available from both sides of the camera.

Other features include a Bluetooth transmitter and handheld Phantom RCU for remote operation, 12+ stops of dynamic range and HD-SDI video output.

For more information about the Phantom Flex 4K as well as other leading-edge digital cameras, lenses, gear and accessories, visit or call 323-737-1314. Find Radiant Images on Facebook and Twitter.

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