Radiant Images Creates New Lightweight Stabilized Handheld for Novo Digital Cinema Camera

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Solution-based LA rental house also developing its revolutionary gimbal specifically for ARRI Alexa M and RED Epic

The design team at Radiant Images has created a lightweight stabilized handheld specifically for its Novo digital cinema camera, giving professional filmmakers a powerful and easy-to-use new tool with the tiny action camera.

The high-performance, 3 axis stabilizer, known as a brushless gimbal, offers 360 degrees of continuous rotation using magnetic fields. The high-torque servo drive, designed with reduction of vibration in mind, is capable of the highest precision possible.

“Our gimbal is revolutionary because it’s so small and so precise and made specifically for the camera,” said Michael Mansouri, VP of Radiant Images.

A fully-outfitted Novo gimbal also weighs in at a mere four pounds, complete with the camera, lens, wireless video and batteries. 
gen2gimbal-7 “Having a lightweight system like this is truly a new freedom as it allows the filmmaker to execute shots in a simple and effortless way, not constrained by size and weight,” Mansouri said. 

Cinematographer Matthew Libatique, ASC (Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan, Iron Man) recently shot action footage at a soccer practice using the Novo-outfitted gimbal. His footage is included in a Novo gimbal demonstration reel, which also includes aerial shots that follow a motorcycle rider, at http://vimeo.com/72911516

The Novo camera and its growing list of groundbreaking accessories – brushless gimbal, pistol grip, helmet and underwater housing – are available for rental only at Radiant Images in the U.S. and European rental partner P+S Technik.

The Novo (www.novocamera.com), developed by Radiant Images and View Factor Studios, is built with a GoPro sensor but offers key cinematic features. The camera, which weighs just 3.2 ounces and fits in the palm of the hand, includes a C-mount lens system plus a PL mount adapter, back focus adjustment, and exposure control capabilities that open up a wide-range of artistic possibilities for cinematographers and camera operators. The camera won a MARIO Award for innovation at NAB 2013.

Novo Helmetpistolgrip

The Novo has been well received in the film industry since its February release, used in such upcoming feature films as Transformers 4, Ten and Need for Speed as well as NBC’s Revolution, and is on the sets of multiple other features, TV programs and commercials.

Radiant’s design team, led by on-site engineer Sinclair Fleming, created the brushless gimbal for the Novo as a solution for a specific client who wanted to prevent any jitteriness, even the finest vibrations, in the shots.

“With a talented in-house engineer like Sinclair and a knowledgeable, experienced staff, we are able to design and create products that have not been produced before, which allows for collaboration with our clients and the filmmaker,” Mansouri said.

He said Radiant Images is presently developing a similar brushless gimbal for larger cinema cameras, specifically the ARRI Alexa M and RED Epic.

For more information about Radiant Images, visit online at www.radiantimages.com or call 323-737-1314. Find Radiant Images on Facebook and Twitter.