Bring Cinema Quality to Tight Spaces

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Versatile New ARRI Alexa M – Now Available at Radiant Images – Brings Cinema Quality to Tight Spaces

Radiant Images’ reputation as the rental house of choice for filmmakers shooting in tight spaces or on the fly has grown exponentially with the arrival of the versatile ARRI Alexa M camera.

Unlike most of its competitors, Radiant has the revolutionary Alexa M camera system on site and ready to rent, and technicians already are hard at work customizing gear and building rigs to take full advantage of all it has to offer.

The Alexa M is essentially an ARRI Alexa that’s been cut in two. The light camera sensor is separate from the body, connected with a fiber option cable, to allow tighter shots, lightweight 3D setups and greater flexibility in action sequences – without compromising image quality or workflow.

The Alexa M truly is a game changer that lives up to the hype,” said Michael Mansouri, co-founder of Radiant Images. “Many of our clients are filmmakers who want to get the camera closer to the action. The Alexa M is a perfect solution and we’re excited to be able to offer this option to them and help them take this camera even further.”

ayer Director David Ayer (End of Watch, Training Day) and Cinematographer Bruce McCleery (2nd unit DP for untitled Star Trek sequel) stopped by Radiant Images recently to get a closer look at the Alexa M and Radiant’s setups in preparation for shooting an upcoming feature film.

Radiant techs set up the Alexa M sensor with a Kowa Anamorphic 75mm lens and Cmotion wireless FIZ mounted on an Easyrig 4 with a custom wooden handle. For the Alexa M body, Radiant utilized an ARRIRAW recorder and attached both to its ultra lightweight backpack solution with quick release docks.

There really are no limits with the Alexa M, which fits our mindset at Radiant,” Mansouri said. “We find solutions that work without sacrificing the filmmaker’s vision. The Alexa M is a great new tool.”

The Alexa M is custom tailored to 3D productions, action photography and tight corner shots where the physical space available on set or on location is limited. Despite its diminutive size – the small camera head weighs 6.4 lbs. – the Alexa M does not necessitate any compromise when it comes to image quality. Based on existing Alexa technologies, the M features the same sensor, image processing, build quality, efficient workflows and exceptional image quality that have made ALEXA such a worldwide success.

The Alexa M offers great flexibility when used on compact and lightweight 3D rigs, and multiple mounting points on the top and bottom of the camera allow for an easy setup with many of the 3D rigs now in widespread use. The head and body are connected with a fiber optic cable that can also be used for powering the head, depending on distance.
The backend provides various recording options, just like the standard Alexa. Images, sound and metadata can be recorded to SxS cards or external recording devices, offering many different kinds of workflow. ALEXA M has a PL mount and works perfectly with all existing 35 mm lenses. It also is compatible with a wide range of ARRI accessories. 

The Alexa M is fit for 3D rigs, helicopter shots, underwater rigs, car interiors, action photography, Steadicam, handheld and also when is necessary to catch a different perspective or when there is little space.

Unique features of the Alexa M include:

  • Separate camera head and body
  • Highest flexibility on set
  • Small form factor and low weight of head for lightweight and size-critical camera and 3D applications
  • Fiber optic interface between head and body for long distance signal transmission
  • Physical separation of sensor and back-end electronics enables accessibility of the body’s user interface and image outputs in special shooting situations
  • Film-like, organic look
  • Wide exposure latitude of 14 stops
  • Sharp, natural images for 2K and HD
  • Full 3D sync functionality
  • Multiple 3/8-16 and M4 mounting points on top and bottom
  • PL-mount
  • The 4:3 sensor allows anamorphic lenses and correct compression for 1:2.35
  • Efficient and versatile workflows with multiple output options - Apple ProRes, AVID DNxHD, ARRIRAW and HD-SDI.