GoPro Customized at Radiant Images

GoPro Customized at Radiant Images with Interchangeable Lens Mount, Heavy-Duty Casing

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On a scale of 1-10 for added versatility, Radiant Images' customized GoPro HD Hero basically scores an 11. The creative engineers at Radiant Images are off the charts again - this time with a custom lens mount and heavy-duty aluminum case for the GoPro that elevates the popular POV camera to new cinematic heights.

The GoPro Cinema Package, available exclusively at Radiant Image, solves one of the little camera’s few drawbacks – the limits of the stock fisheye lens that limited the camera to extremely wide angles. Radiant Images went to work and found a way to modify both the GoPro Hero 1 and Hero 2 to accept different focal length lenses. The interchangeable, aluminum lens mount improves functionality by enabling shots that were never possible before.

In addition, Radiant created a clean, heavy-duty anodized aluminum front casing that fits the shape of the body. The camera is pressure fit into the case. The housing includes a number of mounting points – allowing the camera to be attached in a wide variety of ways. But the rear of the camera remains exposed, giving easy access for removal of the LCD monitor and battery with no popping or snapping of parts.

The casing also surrounds and protects the HDMI cable port and the cable is secured with a pair of set screws that keep it in place throughout a shoot.

The GoPro Hero 2 with interchangeable lens mount can be rented at Radiant Images alone or as part of the Cinema Package or Cinema Plus Package, which includes an external recorder.