Red Motion Mount

Daily $275Weekly $825

motion-mountThe Red Motion Mount Ti PL features a tunable neutral density filter, global shutter and time filter that renders sharper and smoother pans, more natural motion blur and reduced flicker with lights and electronic displays.

Optitek Epic EF Mount

Daily $225Weekly $675

optitekThe Optitek Epic EF Mount allows users to wirelessly control the iris and focus of Canon EF lenses without having to attach a motor lens control system to the camera.

Technovision Anamorphic Adapter

Daily $275Weekly $825

technovisionThe Technovision rear anamorphic adapter features a universal mount and suits several different lenses including Cooke and Angenieux zooms.

16x9 inc Sony E-PL Adapter

Daily $275Weekly $825

b4-plThe 16x9 inc. Sony E-PL adapter enables the use of PL lenses on cameras with the Sony E mount.

Metabones Sony E - Canon EF Adapter

Daily $45Weekly $135

metabones-b4-efThe Metabones Sony E - Canon EF adapter enables the use of Canon EF lenses on cameras with the Sony E mount. The Speed Booster also increases the stop by 1 stop.

B/E PL-B4 Adapter

Daily $275Weekly $825

pl-b4The B/E PL-B4 adapter enables the use of B4 lenses on cameras with the PL mount.

P+S Mini 35mm Adapter

Daily $275Weekly $825

ps-mini-35 01The MINI35 Image Converter by P+S Technik is a work tool that offers the chance to create visual effects in video which before could only be obtained in 35mm film.

P+S Pro35 iphone adapter

Daily $Weekly $

pro35-iphoneWith the Smart upgrade announced at NAB 2013 and the Smart35 app, an iPhone can be attached to the Pro35. This is considered to be the first digital director’s finder based on an iPhone where you can actually attach the original 35mm cine or still lenses.

AstroScope Night Vision for Canon

Daily $350Weekly $1050

astroscope 02Night vision adapter for Canon EOS SLR. GEN 3 PRO. Convert Your Digital SLR Camera Into a High-Performance Night Vision System.

P+S Technik PRO35 35mm Lens Adapter

Daily $395Weekly $1175

ps-pro35 01Attach any Arri PL mounted 35mm fixed focal length film lens to a high definition (HD) or standard definition (SD) 2/3” video camera to obtain on videotape, the three-dimensional quality of a 35mm film camera.