Sony PMW-TD300

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  • The PMWTD300 is a professional 3D shoulder camcorder. With its shoulder-mount design, this camcorder has a highly compact body, and it provides a stable shooting style that is crucial to creating good 3D images. Affordable and fully integrated, this 3D camcorder reduces the burden of complicated user adjustments before shooting, such as left- and right-lens alignment. This is a powerful tool to support rapidly expanding 3D video production – with an ideal combination of mobility, stability, and affordability.

    Dual 1/2-inch type Exmor Full-HD 3CMOS sensors

    Dual lens system

    XDCAM EX recording

    SxS card slots (L/R x 2)

    3D/2D recording modes

    Intuitive convergence control with a dedicated dial feature

    Viewfinder with 3.5-inch type color LCD

    HD-SDI out (L/R dual stream, audio and TC embedded)

    HDMI out (3D/2D) for viewing on consumer 3D displays

    Genlock in & TC in/out for integration with multi-camera systems

    Sensor Size 6.4x4.8mm
    Resolution 1080
    Frame Rate

    1-30 @ 1080
    1-60 @ 720

    Base ISO 320-400
    Interaxial Distance 45mm
    Bit Rate / Format / Time

    35 Bit MPEG-2
    64GB - 200min
    Optional: 3D Muxed
    CineForm 10 Bit 4:2:2

    Weight 12 lbs 2 oz lbs
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